Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disneyland Resort Fall Closures

Once again it is the off season and that means refurb time! The off-season is the time that a lot of refurbs happen and rides and areas close for refurbishments. Below is the schedule of refurbs for both parks:

Disneyland Park:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Sept 7th-November 23 for refurbishment. Expect Davy Jones to return to the ride. The Blue Bayou Restaurant will also be closed for the duration of the attractions refurb.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Sept 6th-7th for refurb

Haunted Mansion: Aug 29th-September 15th for installation of Haunted Mansion Holiday layover

Space Mountain: Sept 9th-15th to install Halloween overlay

Mark Twain: Sept 26-28 for refurbishment

Disneyland Monorail will not be completley closed but will run on a shortned schedule on weekdays for Buena Vista Street construction in California Adventure. Will operate normally on weekends.

Its a Small World: October 24th-November 10th to install Holiday overlay.

Disney California Adventure

California Screamin: September 6th- October 14th to replace loop and standard refurb.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: October 3rd-October 28 for refurb

Its Tough to Be a Bug!: October 24th-November 11th for refurb

You can see that a lot of the refurbs will be conducted this month and next. So keep these in mind if you plan to go to the parks soon.

Now I will show you the temp route for DCA:

 As you enter the gates, you will make a right.

 The Guest Relations Bungalow is next to Soarin.
Music slated to be for Buena Vista Street plays throughout the route.

 At 7pm, these gates will be open to ease traffic flow in this area. If you want to get to the tram or DtD, you go through the gates. If you need to return to Disneyland or need to go to Toy Story Shuttles, just make a right back to the temp route to exit through DCAs gates.
 The route gets you to Condor Flats

The path from Condor Flats to Hollywood Pictures Backlot remains with the walls now blocking Carthay Circle Theater, the pump house (not pictured) and the shops and bakery to the left. The performance corridor section from Condor Flats to Pacific Wharf has reopened.

This will be in effect till Buena Vista Streets Completion next year and it will open along with Cars Land next summer, ending the big project.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

D23 Expo: The Little Mermaid Ariels Undersea Adventure

I went to the first day of the D23 Expo and attended the TLM panel. Heres the pics of the panel.

The models are scanned in order to make the final product as accurate as possible.

In addition to the vehicles being made in Japan, the various sets and props came from various parts of the world. From Japan to Canada, it was a worldwide effort.

King Tritons head is actually very small. The hair makes it look like he has a big head.

Larry Nikolai made the impressive mural in the loading area and its style reflects the art style of the turn of the century. He hand painted it personally, going as far as using paintbrushes with one hair on it.

 If you read the actual story of the Little Mermaid, its not set in a Caribbean like place. More like a snowy region. And the story is really dark in nature. A lot of adventures by the Imagineers was funny to hear (like how their cars got snowed in)

Yeah, they had way too much fun in Glendale.

And it was worth it as DCA finally gets the ride it was missing since day one.

I asked Lisa if any other ride system was considered before the Ominover system, but she said the Ominover was pretty much the intended system to use. And as it turns out, we are pretty much neighbors as I live in Torrance and she lives in Long Beach (both cities are not far from each other.)

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disney California Adventure Entrance Update

In just 20 days, Sunshine Plaza in DCA will be completley closed in order to start the rest of the construction on Buena Vista Street. As a result, guests will now be directed into a temporary route behind Soarin over California.

                                Above is a picture of the area that guests will be going in and out of the temp route. This is inbetween the prop airplane and the popcorn stand.
 The Zephyr train has been donated to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California
 The Toy Store is now closed for remodel.
 Greetings however will remain open until the 29th. The same date that the temp route will open

With the closure of the bakery, Taste Pilots Grill is now open for breakfast from 9:30-11:00am. Ice Cream can be bought at the Ice Cream place in Paradise Pier.

Be forewarned that from Aug 29th to Buena Vista Streets Completion, it will be crowded going through the temp entrance route. Espicially after World of Color showings. Access to Hollywood Pictures Backlot will still be through Bugs land, but keep an eye out as the way into HPB from Condor Flats might reopen later this year to ease crowd flow in the park.

Thanks for looking at this quick news.